“Inside us there is a Universe. Outside there is just a World”

Level 1

This class introduces you to the fundamental principles of the Iyengar system. It is oriented towards a gradual progress to the foundational postures (asanas). Students develop their ability to practice safely, build strength and stability.

We focus on STANDING, SEATED, FORWARD extensions and TWISTS.

Students work strongly but appropriately according to individual capacity.

Level 2

In this level all standing poses are practiced. SHOULDER stand and HEAD stand is introduced.

Continued refinement and expansion of the fundamental poses.

Level 3

A well grounded practice in the Iyengar method is developed, the principales of practice from level 1 and 2.

A regular practice of BACK bends, ARM balances and Inversions with variations. Students should be developing a consistent self practice at this stage.

A PRANAYAMA practice  is well established.

Level 4

For students who have gained a proficiency in the level 3.

Challenging poses are practiced and a well established Sirsasana and Sarvangasana for 10 min.

Pranayama are practiced.